Friday, April 22

Lipo Re-work

Just came back from my Medan lipo trip, now I am all swollen and sore, but very much looking forward to finally having a waist.

After having my arms and shoulders done at Medan in January, I am rather satisfied with the results and decided to have my waist, flanks, abs and lower back re-work with the same doctor. And I also had my fats transfer to fill up the dents on my butts left by Dr R, the first doctor whom I had lipo with.

Ever since first liposuction with Dr R from TCS at Central, I have always wanted to kick myself for making such a fucking bad choice. Besides being freaking expensive, Dr R's work is a piece of CRAP! There were unevenness everywhere and my lower back was simply untouched, except for the two pit-like scars and dents that he left behind.

I know it's bad of me to say this, but I really think he should just go back to be a goddamn GP because he is  REALLY JUST A GODDAMN GP and a fucking plastic surgeon wannabe!

Anyway, coming back to Medan had really been good. The nurses and Jenny have all remembered me and came to the reception to welcome me. When I was on the OT table, screaming, the nurses held my hands and pat my shoulders gently to comfort and encourage me. And the doctor is an artisan who totally understand the silhouette of a woman, so unlike Dr R who work on me like some medical intern!

Look. I even had a souvenir for them - MY FATS. They had froze my fats and packed it for me to bring back to Singapore. It looks like a packet of curry! GROSS!

The nurses told me that I could use my own fats on my face as a moisturiser. I scooped out a tiny bit of my frozen fat and tried to spread it on the back of my hand and it melted into what felt like animal lard. Arrrggghhh!! It was disgusting! So I dumped it. Thanks, but I would prefer to use my SK-II.

Now the fun begins! Wound care. I have 9 of these which I have to meticulous clean them, dry them, pat iodine on them, apply medication to them, put on anti-bacteria gauze them and then cover ALL 9 of them up with gauze and surgical plasters.

Mr Hubby asked if this would be my last lipo. Hmm... I don't know but I really hope it would be the last. *fingers crossed.


Shell said...

No way would I use that as a moisturizer!

ah mel said...

ah cin, u r so brave!!! I will nv dare think of doing lipo.

Alexis Owmizer said...

Lesson learned. Good research pays in the long run. I hope this one's given you better results. So, what did you do with the "goodie bag?"


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