Monday, January 31

Lipo @ Medan (Part 3 of 3)

The first week after liposuction was the hardest to get by, because the areas that went under knife would be so sore. On top of that, the whole body feel rather bloated up; not to mention the the amount of inconvenience that followed. No wonder many people, including myself, would experience bouts of regret and self-doubt for having had the procedure.

I had to wear the compression sleeves on my arms as often as 24/7 but they caused me to itch, I could only manage at most 12 hours a day. If I don't wear those damn compression sleeves, the edema of my arms would take a longer period to go off.

I had to clean and bandage my wounds which was really a hassle and instead of dressing the wounds for a week as recommended, I gave up after the next day upon returning to Singapore. On the third day, I just past band-aids over the wounds. After the fifth day, I can't even be bother with those band-aids, I just left the wounds exposed. Fortunately, the wounds healed up very well.

Then there were the bruises that I had to hide, so I had to wear something long-sleeves all the time whenever I was out. Once I wore my short-sleeves T to the nearby mall with Mr Hubby. He was rather uncomfortable being seen with me because he was afraid that someone might thought of him as a wife-basher. LOL!

(Picture of the bruises, taken on the 6th day post-lipo)

Fortunately, the bruises didn't take too long to go away, after that the scars were so tiny that they resembled some mosquito bites. I was already able to wear most of my clothes after the second week even though the arms still feel slightly swollen and rather numb at parts.

(Picture of a scar, taken on the 6th day post-lipo)
My jowl healed really good and the scars beside my ears were almost invisible but I hadn't really see any significant different to the shape of my face. Maybe there wasn't too much fat over those areas to begin with anyway. Waste my money to have it done!

(Picture of the bruises of my jowl, taken on the 6th day post-lipo)

After 19 grueling days, the results are finally beginning to show. I am starting to get compliments; some had assumed that I lost some weight, but actually the scale didn't move a bit at all. With the arms looking slimmer than before, it really felt fantastic.

I have to ditch the compression sleeves for body-stocking (it is stocking like material shaped like a long-sleeves blouse), because the itching was unbearable for me. So it might take me longer than 6 weeks to see the final result of my arms because I ain't very consistent in keeping the garment on.

To pay the price for a pair of better sculpted arms, it goes beyond just monetary. The muscles on both of my arms are still very tight, when I stretch my arms backward, I can't go any further than my neck! I certainly hope this is not permanent. There are still some lumpiness under the armpits which can be quite painful when massaged, however if I don't massage them, they might take forever to disappear.

Overall, I am quite satisfied and would be going back to have my back, flanks and upper abs revised. All thanks to my last doctor who did the Vaser Liposelection, he totally SUCKS. I really have to get those dents, bumps and waviness fixed so that I can one day put of my bikinis without feeling so self-conscious of my very uneven body.

*I would probably post the before and after pictures of my arms in another month or two when the results are more obvious.

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