Saturday, August 2

Die Molester Die!

Last night I was watching Crime Watch on Channel 5, there was this 21 year old serial molester caught for molesting and brutally attacking girls in the lifts. One of the victims was really young, look like 12 or 14 year old. When the police asked him why he did what he did. He said his "wife", which is his gf lah, is pregnant and hence he got bored and lonely.

WTF!! You can attacked and molest people just because you are bored & lonely & cannot fuck your gf?!?!? Then can women who are made single by divorce, breakup or death of spouse, yank off your cock or bust your balls to make themselves feel better??!! NBCB lor.

This fucker reminded me of my own molesters (ya, not 1 but 2), many years back. First incident happened, when I was with my then bf (MTBF, for short). We were at Lido Cineplex catching a show. He went to the gent, so I hung around outside the toilet alone. Suddenly I felt a hand spanked me lightly on my backside! I turned and saw this Indian boy, hurried past me. I gave him the benefit of doubt that he had done it accidentally.

Then MTBF came out of the gent, he walked in front of me and didn't held my hands. As we were approaching the lifts, I felt my backside being touched again! It was the same bloody person! This time round, he turned around and gave me a smirking look, as if to tell me "So, I touch you again, what can you do?"

I was like NNBCCB lor! I charged towards that fucker, smashed his head against the lift door and slapped him hard across his face. MTBF was shocked! He questioned my action, "What the hell are you doing?" "Don't ask me, ask this fucker. Ask him why he touch me TWICE!" I yelled.

By now the Indian boy was already close to tears as I continued to hurl vulgarities at him, in all the languages I had ever mastered. I screamed at his face, "You are going to the police with me!" With that he broke down and pleaded for a chance. I continued to be vocally abusive, while he begged for forgiveness. In the end, I don't know why, I let him go after warning him never to let me see his face ever again.

The second time I met with another molester. I was alone. Walking towards Chinese Garden MRT Station in broad daylight, I never expected some 'uncle' who walked behind me to lift up my dress. I turned around, he scurried past me and trying to escape. I gave chase. Caught him by his shirt, he tried to fence off my grip, I persistently held him on while I screamed at the top of my lung, with nothing but hokkien vulgarities! Very soon a small crowd gathered, I called out in Mandarin, "来看这个不要脸的色狼! 这麽老了还想摸我!"

He struggled to break free from me and as a result his shirt buttons came off. He ran off. The crowd dispersed. I took out a cigarette, lit it, puffed it and grinned to myself, like some psycho.

Although those two incidents happened more than ten years back, I could still vividly recall them. But I had never felt embarrassed or victimized in any of the situations, maybe it was because I retaliated, I felt empowered, I felt justice had been served, even though I didn't managed to report them to the police.

I believe ALL women can do something to protect themselves. Don't fight back by pulling his hair or hitting him on his chest. You are only wasting your energy.

I watched Nat Geo and discovered that there are many vulnerable parts of a man's body and women can attacked these part with minimal strength and still inflict some serious pain or injuries.

Here are the parts:

1) Eyes - Use your index and third finger, go straight for his eye-ball. Gorge them out!

2) Throat - Karate chop his throat, specifically the area below his adam's apple.

3) Pinkies/Last finger - Grab his last finger and bent it all the way towards the back of his hand until you hear a "crack".

4) Nose - Make your hand into a fist and pound swiftly on his nose, the space between the nostrils.

5) Groin - Use your knee and jerk upward hitting him in-betwen his legs or use your heel and stomp directly on his cock! Nevermind you break those heels, you can always buy another pair. But he can't buy his cock ever.

6) Temples - This area is located at the side of the forehead, slightly above the ear. Use the hard bone of your wrist and hit his temples simultaneously using both arms!

Although it is illegal to carry even a small pocket-knife as self-defense weapon, there are many things a woman can use which law cannot forbid.

1) Jab him on his neck with your manicure scissors or mechanical pencil.

2) Spray hair-spray or perfume directly into his eyes.

3) Poke his eyes with your keys.

Repeat, until you are very sure that your attacker is dead... erm I mean defeated.

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