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Sunday, October 5

Ain't I good enough?

Someone asked, "Would you be worried about not being good enough for your man?"

I answered, without hesitation, "No. Why should I? I am so goddamn good already lor!"

The someone probably thought I wasn't serious about answering the question. But I am dead serious about my answer.

I can cook, I earn a decent salary, I am attractive for my age and status, I am considerate and forgiving, witty and interesting, plus I look after our baby well... and the list just goes on and on... (my fingers will break typing all my qualities out)

So how can I not be good enough?

If my man thinks that I am not good enough than he is a fucking FOOL lor!


Actually, why should one even bother to burden themselves with worries like that in the first place?

You can be sibei GOOD but if he don't appreciate you also like that mah. On the other hand, some women can be kan si lang jia lat, but their men will just love them machiam teo kong tau like that.

Aiya... all these "I good or not" or "you love or not", best not to bother your men with stuff like that. Through my years of experience with men, the more you 'stirred' them, the worst they will become. Just LEAVE THEM ALONE and concentrate on doing things that makes yourselves happy and you soon see them coming crawling to you!

One word : 贱!

Periodically, men have PMS too! It's like, I fucking do the bleeding while he displays the crankiness!! Don't that sometimes makes you want to stick that used piece of pad on his face?!

Men, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!

But for the next 5 days, I am gonna be living without him; I will be out-stationed in Malaysia. Well like they always say "Absence makes the heart fonder".... however I knew this will not be true for my Mr Hubby.


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