Friday, October 17

BBQ over flameless charcoals

We have moved to The Warren for a good 10 months; Mr Hubby thought it is high time we make use of the BBQ pit there. We used to BBQ in Northvale quite regularly before we shifted here.

Mr Hubby organised a BBQ cum drinking session with his buddies. As spouse and child, Laetitia & I were the roses among the thorns.

At first those gung ho guys thought they can start a flame without any fire-starter. So they, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 guys, struggle to get the charcoals up.

Finally, they surrendered and sent one guy to the pit next to us, begging for some fire-starters.

With the fire-starters in place, I thought we would get started in no time. Alas, I was so wrong.

So the boys chilled with some beers while waiting for fire to drop from the sky.

Meanwhile Laetitia was getting impatient. She wondered if Mommy would have roasted her potatoes in the oven would they have been cooked long ago?

The boys even borrowed Laetitia's fan, in a desperate attempt to get the charcoal burning. Meanwhile only fast-cooking stuff like hot-dogs and buns were found on the grill. This was 2 hours since we got here!

And me, always been regarded as the brainless by Mr Hubby, was actually smart enough to smuggle some food home to cook in my trusted oven.

And you know what, Mr Hubby's brainless bimbo-tic wife actually saved the day by cooking 70% of the food in her oven to feed the boys!

So who are you calling stupid?!


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