Saturday, October 11

The Santa-rina From Penang

Went to Penang for our annual BC Convention. The resort, Park Royal was a wonderful place, however I was too busy to enjoy it. I didn't even get a chance to set foot on the pool or the beach, despite staying there for FIVE days! (3 days BC Convention + 2 days QBP Offsite meeting)

It's the norm. I had travelled and stayed in numerous luxurious 5 stars resort/hotel due to work and one thing had been consistent; I would only get to be in my room, the meeting rooms, the ballroom, the restaurant and that's about it. So sad :(

View for my room. The beach looked so welcoming! And on a few occasions, I actually spotted horses on the beach. Imagine, how romantic, ridding the horse with your loved ones along the sandy beach!

On the first night, we had some "team-building" dinner thingy. I was with some of my co-workers at this place called 'Martini Cafe' which served VERY HORRIBLE martinis. You can judge how yucky it tasted just by looking at the face of the drinker. Poor Sharon!

Found an interesting signage when I was searching for a loo to pee.

The theme for this year's D&D was "Christmas came early", so I was dressed up as Satan-rina, which incidentally is the female version of Santa Claus.

One picture with my roomie, Cherie, before heading down to the ballroom.

That's all the pictures I took with my cellphone; had forgotten to bring camera. I even forgot my cellphone charger this time. What a blur-queen!?

Will post more pictures, if I can get people with cameras to kindly send me the photos. Yo! Ladies, where are all the cool pictures??


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