Monday, November 3

Doctor or Salesman?

I woke up this morning, my head was woozy and my body ached like as if I was ran over by a fucking truck last night! Throat was also scratchy and dry; I think I need a doctor.

So I went to a clinic nearby. The doctor asked me the usual question, "How are you feeling today?" And I gave him the usual reply, "Headache, body ache and sore throat, I think I might be coming down with a flu or something."

After 5min of the standard operating procedure practiced by every doctor, he prescribed me with pain-killers, gastric medicine to go with the pain-killers, a course of antibiotics, lozenges and some anti-swelling medicine for my throat. I thought he was done, I was about to leave when he pointed out my freckles! Yes! He actually used his finger and point directly on my face and asked me if I am doing anything to get rid of them. And then he went on to talk about sun-protection and whitening products, blah, blah, blah...

I told him my freckles are genetic, I had them while I was young, furthermore I am using SK-II at the moment. To my astonishment, he, as a medical professional, actually put down the brand I am using, saying that over-the-counter products like SK-II is expensive but do not really work. If I wanted to see results I should start consider using his products instead. He even said that he has a bottle of moisturiser that works better than La Mer and yet cost only a quarter of the price of La Mer.

He was eager to push me a Retin-A cream. I told him I had used that before but it was more to treat pimples and my skin was very sensitive and had felt uncomfortably tight after using it. And I also told him about using hydroquinone, a prescribed drug used for treating freckles but I didn't see any results even after 4 weeks of continuous usage.

He kept telling me his Retin-A is different and would work for my freckles. I felt as if I am not sitting in a doctor's office, I felt I was trapped in a low-class and pushy beauty parlour! The doctor didn't even bother to explain to me how pigmentation are formed and/or how Retin-A would benefit me. Perhaps he might not even be equipped with knowledge like that. Little did the doctor knew I am a trainer for skin and I know just as much as him, if not more!! And whitening has always being my favorite subject!

Retin-A only exfoliates and have not control over melanocytes which produce melanin that gave me the freckled look. In fact, some skin could have a chance of getting irritated and in turn stimulated melanocytes to produce even more melanin. Anyway I took the Retin-A, because I felt obliged to, after such a long "consultation". I wouldn't use it for my freckles though, but I could use it occasionally for breakouts since my regular pimple cream is running out soon.

You know what? His so-called special Retin-A is just an ordinary, generic Retin-A, nothing special at all. And he didn't check if I am using any salicylic acid products or was I on any medication that contain Vit. A. (It's a 'yes' for both, in my case) He could have advise me of the potential harm if I messed up the dosage, he didn't because he was only interested to close the sale on me.

What's up with all the GPs? Just because they spent a year doing a dip in dermatology, they are calling themselves a derm! Or worst, some GP even go full-scale on aesthetics, offering laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peel etc to their patients. Yes, beauty is a lucrative business to venture in but as a doctor, I think ethic is still a very important aspect of this profession!


This was me (no foundation), before I got pregnant. Notice the freckles was there but lighter.


This is me now (also no foundation). Overall, I have become more tanned, probably due to all the swimming sessions with Laetitia.

I must admit I used to be very diligent when coming to applying skincare, day & night. Now (after being a mom) I super lazy and busy, only wash my face when I shower. And I usually only shower in the evening if I don't have to get out of the house.

Ok, I know "世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人!"

Alright! With that, I shall resume my faithful skincare regimen from today... erm maybe tomorrow, today sick lah.

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