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Sunday, April 19

A Misayaki Fan

I remember a time (before there is Laetitia), I was all about nails. Either I took crazy amount of time, to painstaking paint them to my perfection or I would crossed over to JB, where I can indulge myself in one of the more prestigious nail salon, but only paying a fraction of the price charged for the equivalent in Singapore. In my opinion, the nail salons here were either too pathetic or seriously over-priced or over-rated.

Before yesterday, the place where I would often visit for my mani & pedi was this nail salon near my office, at Square 2, Novena. I had like it there because of its location (very convenient for me to spend my after work hour, doing my nails while waiting for Mr Hubby to pick me up) and the friendly staff, but there was one thing that irks me to death about that salon. I hate that the nail files and buffing blocks are shared among the clients without proper sanitation. Although the staff had clarified that the hands of all clients are cleansed before using any equipments on them, I am still kind of bothered by that minimal level of hygiene.

However I always return to the same salon because I like my manicurist and I had not gotten any fungus infections through their service. Unlike one very fucked-up nail salon which I swear I would burn down if arson is not a crime here in Singapore. That damn salon gave me a nasty fungus infections on my toe nail and the service... opss, I mean, no service at all, just made everything a lot worst! And they kept pressuring me to get nail package, hair package, facial package, blah.. blah.. blah.. Disgusted to the core!

So much for my bad experience, when I was invited to the opening of Misayaki, a new Japanese Concept Nail Salon; I went, but along with high amount of skepticism.

Misayaki is this new Japanese concept nail salon which boost its complete selection of nail colors from OPI and using only premium quality products on their clients.

OK. Just what the hell is "Japanese Concept Nail Salon"?! Because the salon has a Jap-like name? I had seen too many so-called "Japanese" or "Korean" concept shops which are run by Mainland Chinese or local, who tried to punk us by calling some fanciful names and yet everything in these shops just scream MEDIOCRITY!!

Is Misayaki truly a Japanese concept nail salon?

Misayaki focused on what the Japanese would essentially have in their salon.

1) Uniformed staff with certificates (hanging on their wall) to proof their professionalism.

2) Their manicurists are tested, graded and ranked accordingly to ensure that you are paying for what you are getting.

3) Service oriented and not purely sale-driven. The shop even has CCTV to monitor their manicurists to ensure that there is no hard-selling at all times.

4) Their unprecedented level of hygiene is impressive. Everything which they can be disposable, are disposed, only those indispensable are sanitized to death.

The lady boss, Ms Kam, who has that same pet peeve as me when it comes to sharing nail files and buffing blocks, makes it a point not to reuse any nail files and buffing blocks. She even went to the extent of having separate sets of files and buffing blocks for hands and feet, for a single client. I am so impressed.

By the way, her nails are gorgeous!! Love them!

You know something, those same files and buffing blocks used on me were given as gifts, for me to bring home because they would never reuse them on the next client. They even indicated which are for pedi, so that I wouldn't get them mixed up. But I am quite sure, I would just grab any one to use, without caring much about which is for which because they are mine, very personally mine. :P

So much said about Misayaki, you might be wondering how big a hole is this prestige little nail loft going to burn in your pocket. My sentiment indeed too! But surprise, surprise. You get the ultimate pampering you might receive in some upper-class, premium town area salons, but listen here; you only pay an extremely reasonable suburban price! It was like WOW!! How can Misayaki be such a HDB tai tai's heaven, but comes fully equipped with service that any prima donnas would approve of. Simply AWESOME!

I walked out of Misayaki, from a cynic to a fan!

Misayaki, all I can say is, YOU
my socks off !!
........ so that I can do more pedi! Hehehe....


Anonymous said...

Where is Misayaki located?

Anonymous said...

melissa said...

the website not working leh.. ah cin bring me there when i'm bk k

CcIiNnDdYy said...

Hi all, please click on this link for the address of the nail salon

It's actually within walking distance near Boon Keng MRT station.

Just for you, Ah Mel, I will bring u there personally :))


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