Tuesday, March 23

I am a mom, not a psychic

Sometimes as parents, we thought we knew our kids too well. Have you, like me, almost believe that we are some psychic, who could predict their next moves?

What I saw today would change that forever.

Laetitia had been cranky and difficult these couple of days. Today, at dinner, she suddenly got up from her seat and left her half-drank bowl of soup and ran to my room. I called out to her but she completely ignored me. So I was thinking sulkily, "Oh great! Why must she test my limit everytime?" I got up from the table with the intention of dragging her back to her soup even if it means I had to deal with a screaming monster. I was pissed.

As I was approaching my room, I heard Leonitus crying, then I saw Laetitia standing beside his crib. She was rocking it gently and shaking the rattle with the other hand, while comforting her baby brother, "Don't cry huh. Don't cry huh..."

At that instant, all the frustrations I had with her vanished, they were replaced with remorse.

She left her dinner because she heard his cries and I didn't. I was wronged of her. It makes me think, how many times have I wronged her because I had assumed I knew what she was up to.

It pays to have a delayed perspective of our children. We are just parents, not psychic. And they are just kids, not devils.

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Anonymous said...

Very well-written. I am sure you will be a very good mother.


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