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Wednesday, April 7

Too good to be true?

My hair is long and it flows like silk.

Tailored red cheongsam fits me like a T. I am 36-24-36; every goddamn dress looks fab on me.

I look exactly 25, not a day older.

All I do to stay fit, is to climb the stairs of my 3-storey bungalow.

Work? You gotta to be kidding. Money runs like water from the tap.

My kids are beautiful, smart, sweet and loving.

I am lavished with so much diamonds, pearls and gifts from my hubby that I am having trouble storing all of them. After donkeys years of marriage, he is still obsessed about me.

My life is just PERFECT - with a capital P!


.... Waa... Waa... WWAhhh...

Damn! Leonitus, why choose this time to drink milk? Mommy was having such a wonderful dream!!

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