Monday, June 21


I have another blog which is kind of inactive because it is a domain where I archived a past chapter of my life. Occasionally, I will log on to check for comments left by readers. Today, I saw a comment posted on an entry I wrote on the remarriage of my ex-husband, more than 3 years ago.

The comment went like this:

"well.. u r rite to leave him.. this type of man actually will always stray.. i saw him out wth a woman several times already. Well.. perhaps its his wife’s punishment to b the 3rd party in yours marriage. Bt you r lucky to leave him.. Glad to see u having a happy marriage life!!"

Instead of thinking, "See! Serve you right, slut!" I was actually feeling quite sorry for the wife of my ex-husband, the mother of his child. No, I am not God nor Saint, but I am a mother too and I know how tough motherhood can be. I feel no mother of a child should deserve an unfaithful husband. Yes, not even her, that so-called bitch.

I hope that reader of my blog was wrong of my ex-husband. I hope he had learned his lesson from our failed marriage. I hope he will treasure his wife and his family this time round.

As for me, I am soaked in the bliss of my marriage and the happiness of our family life. 3 years and 2 lovely children later, sometimes I still wakes up smiling to myself for snaring this great guy.

Lucky me? Perhaps, but luck alone couldn't have done much if not for the commitment we have to honor our marriage vows.

When two hearts are one, it will be our best defense against infidelity.

PS: If you know my ex-husband had done the unthinkable again, tell him that I say this, "Those who blind themselves with self-righteousness and choose to point their blaming fingers only at their partner, will never amount to anything great. And if they have a name, that name spells "L.O.S.E.R"!

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