Tuesday, October 19

Makeup Does Wonders!

Ugly duckling can turn into a swan, all it needs is to learn to put on makeups!

16 years in the beauty industry, I think my greatest achievement is being able to transform myself with various technique of makeup application. Retrospectively, I am very grateful to Prescriptives, my ex-company, who had sent me to countless back-breaking assignments, doing runway makeups for fashion shows. I used to KPKB doing makeovers after makeovers and more makeovers all for FREE; but I am glad coz that was where I got my skill polished up.

To prove my point, I have decided to remove half side of my makeup at the end of the day for the sake of comparison. Purely makeup. Nothing fake and absolutely untouched by Photoshop.

Eyes are the most challenging area in doing makeup, however the result can be the most satisfying.

It is still me, but looking so much better with the makeups.

Even though makeup does wonders and I confident to face the world with my naked face because apart from makeup, I have good skin for my age (I am 4 months short of becoming 35!). And for that I thank SK-II!

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