Monday, November 8

The ENT Infection

This was how I look a couple of weeks back. Healthy, pretty and feeling fantastic.

Last Friday, I developed a fucking nasty sore throat. Pardon my vulgarity, but there is no other better adjective I would rather use to describe how much pain I am in right now, all thanks to my damn throat!

My throat hurts so freaking bad that I cringe every time I swallow, to the extent that I would gather all my saliva in my mouth until I absolutely have to swallow or risk drooling, then I take it all in with one big gulp.

To make matter worst, my ears are blocked and a pain in my head, between my brows soon followed. This morning I woke up to a strange feeling of my eye sockets and a look in the mirror, I really hope I was dreaming it. My nose bridge, between my eyes had swell up and became very tender.

For the picture below, I drew a white line on the middle of my nose bridge so as to illustrate the puffiness around my right eye socket and my nose.

The area swell so badly that my nose seems rather crooked now and there is even a presence of what feels like a worrisome bump on the bridge of my nose.

A colleague of mine had thought I re-do my nose filler; if this is the result of my $500 worth of hyaluronic acid jab, I would have slaughtered my doctor already!

Now I look like a Neytiri of Avatar wannabe.... NOT!

I am, but a fucking frustrated person who had seen 2 doctors, spent more than $150 on medical bills and sucked more than a dozen lozenges in 3 days and still couldn't get rid of the pain in my throat nor the swell on my nose!!

Please make the pain and swell go away when I wake up tomorrow.



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