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Wednesday, December 22

Our Virgin Road Trip - done without a helper!

Last weekend, we drove to Malaysia for our first road trip and we did it without our helper. Yes! Just Mr Hubby and I, with our two monsters very active kids, no helper. On hindsight, it had been a rather suicidal attempt.

The traffic was extremely BAD. We left our home around 8am and was stuck for 3 goddamn hours in the massive jam. We weren't even going by Woodlands, we took the second link at Tuas. The traffic in KL was just as horrendous, by time, we checked into Westin Hotel, it was already 8pm. That was 12 freaking hours of travelling!

We just dropped our things and went over to Pavilion to have dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market. One of the managers was helpful to entertain the kids with toys and balloons; it certainly made our dinner less chaotic.

After dinner, we took a little stroll in and out of the mall, taking pictures of the mall's extensive Christmas decoration.

Coming back to the hotel, we took some picture of my favorite Christmas tree ever. The Westin Hotel had a really beautiful tree, it had the loveliest pink decoration, with lots of ribbons, feathers and shiny balls. I just love it so much! I bet my kids love it too!

The next morning, we went to a local eatery for breakfast. I shared my porridge with Laetitia and Leonitus, but as you can see, Laetitia wasn't a big fan of porridge for breakie.

Then we did a little bit of shopping around KL, but I bought nothing. I just find it very hard to shop for my things with the kids in toll. If you are a parent with kids like mine, you would understand why.

This was Leonitus in the crib, back at the hotel. He looked like a happy zoo animal in cage.

So we bid KL goodbye and headed to Port Dickson, where we stayed at The Legend Water Chalets.

We had a room with a very fantastic view, it was totally unblocked and we get the full view of the sea.

That evening, we went to a seafood restaurant for dinner, after learning that the Mexican restaurant I really liked, Le Cactus, had closed down. Such a pity.

As the kids weren't feeling too well, in fact, Leonitus was having his third episode of Bronchiolitis in 6 months, we skipped the swimming all together. So the huge bathtub in our room became the next best thing for the kids.

It was breakfast time, but the food really wasn't quite tasty. My kids weren't all too interested in eating too; my darling Laetitia, being innovative, started using the menu as a telescope and Leonitus was climbing all over the place like an ape!

After breakfast, we rested in the room for a couple of hours and then it was a long drive home, but not before we made a stop at JB to catch some dinner.

Finally we reached home, I was aching badly from head to toes, I popped 2 paracetamol and slept for 12 hours straight! This 3 days/2night trip was definitely more tiring than my everyday work in the office. But anyhow, we are very proud of ourselves for making the trip possible without a helper.

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