Wednesday, December 8

What type of babies do you have?

If you had read the book The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg, you would be familiar with the term:
'Angel', 'Textbook', 'Touchy', 'Spirited' and 'Grumpy'; 5 types of babies personalities that can be observed from the first few weeks of their birth.

Laetitia is quite clearly a 'Spirited Baby'; she is loud and dramatic and is not afraid to let you know her thoughts and feelings. Her persistence is rock solid, when she made up her mind, it will take a troop of a thousand soldiers to shift her. She is easily distracted and notice everything that goes on around her. Regularity and routine with her meals and sleeping habits are necessary to provide her with some certainty that calms and soothe her. Her high energy can be easily mistaken for some hyperactivity disorder.

When she is happy, she laughs and she laughs LOUDLY. When she is sad, she cries and she howls,; it can be such a pitiful sight. When she is angry, she screams, she shouts and she might rolls on the ground - in public too!

She has a personality that draws people to notice her and in case no one notice her, you can trust her to come up with something that will certain attracts your attention.

Sometimes she makes us laugh, sometimes she makes us cry, sometimes she makes me so mad, I wanted to strangle her. She never fail to push our buttons or drive us up the wall.

In short, Laetitia IS a handful! But that, and everything that makes her who she is, are what we love about her!

On the other hand, Leonitus is a hybrid; he is 40% 'Angel' and a 60% 'Textbook' Baby. When compared to Laetitia, Leonitus comes across as a gift from above. He sleeps through the night at 4th month, rarely cries the type of cries that leave us baffled. He is predictable and takes to routine very well. He feeds well, eats well, sleep well, like clockwork.

He likes to be carried but is fine if he has to play by himself, however he would be chewing off the corners of a furniture or pages off a magazine if left unattended for more than a minute.

He is cheery and smiles at almost anybody who plays with him. When I "loan" him to my friends or colleague, he is usually calm and seems at ease even when the faces around him are unfamilar.

Everyone tells me he is the epitome of a perfect baby for a first-timer new mom. But I beg to differ. I am grateful for the fact that I had the little spit-fire, Laetitia, before Leonitus because if I had it the other way round, I probably hates everything about my 'Spirited Baby', and not learnt to appreciate both my children for who they are, regardless of their temperaments or predispositions.

If you are wishing for a baby to be like Leonitus, who seems like such a doll and doesn't cry much. You are going to be so disapoointed. Even being the easier baby among the two, Leonitus does has his moods too. He shows his displeasure and give us his fair share of terrorizing too!

Parting words:

Never say to your children "Can't you be more like your sibling." because THEY NOT THE SAME & CAN NEVER BE! Loving and accepting them for who they truly are, is the fastest way to help your children build high self-esteem and to grow up as resilient teens that could make you proud somedays.

Find out your baby's type with this webpage.

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