Saturday, April 30

Better off 5 years ago?

When it comes to politic, my attitude has always been, and would remains, apathy. So it irritates the hell out of me when it's time for General Election because good TV programs would be suspended for these politicians and politician-wannabes to come on air, appearing to be sincere and try to bribe, bluff, threaten and beg for the people's votes.

Then few days ago, I was sitting in front of my telly surfing for a good show to watch, Mr Hubby invaded and switched my channel. I don't know the title of that program nor do I care. To me, it was some politician pitching their 'sale talk'. Then one of the opposition raised a question, "Are you better off than you were five years ago?

That set me thinking...

This was me, five years ago, roughly about a month before I dispensed myself from that miserable life that I shared with my ex-boyfriend whom I had been with for the last five and a half year. His infidelity and irresponsibility had almost wreaked my life. I was physically, psychologically and financially damaged.

When I left him, I was in debt, I had no roof over my head, and not too many people to turn to. I seek shelter in a very filthy house which I suspected was haunted. Over the years of numbing myself when I was with my ex-boyfriend, my reliance on prescription drugs had messed up my health big time. My state of mind and my social relation were also in a huge mess. In short, my life was chaotic and I was all on my own.

So I made up my mind to clean up my life. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I was capable to even move on but with sheer perseverance I was able to turn my life around.

I took on a new role in my job which put me on a vertical learning curve. It was hard, but I had the best job satisfaction and earned my first taste of dignity and respect which I had lost in those years hanging out with my ex.

I settled my highly over-due divorce (yes, I was even once married to a pig) and sold my matrimonial flat which I used the money to pay off my debts. Then I took up a loan and bought my first private condo which had its value sky-rocketed in the years that followed.

I met a wonderful man. Fell in love. Had his child. Married and had been blissful ever since. Last year, we welcomed our second child.

While, there had been ups and downs, recessions and job losses, I was never in any way affected long enough. I had grown to be resilient.

In these 5 years, I had built a career doing something that I like, own and co-own two private properties, became mom to two most lovable children and wife to the most wonderful husband, be the sponsor of a child in Mongolia, and enjoying every bits of life's luxuries. I am not just better off than five years ago, I am having the BEST time of my life!

So does that means my vote should go to the PAP?

I certainly don't believe any politicians or government can do a thing more, or (for the pessimestic) less, to my life than what I can on my own.

The question ISN'T 'Are you better off than you were?'

The question IS: 'Why wait or hope for someone to come and make your life better, when you can just make that change on your own?'


Anonymous said...

Powerful! You have my respect.


Anonymous said...

Well said :)

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baymacae said...

Just came across your blog. I enjoyed your's so true! I'm glad you're having the best time of your life. I am working my way there, but I already have it pretty good.


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