Monday, January 30

The Terrible 2s

My son just turned two, a couple of weeks back.

First, let me tell you a time when he was just a baby; he was simply godsend!

Leonitus was the type of baby that everyone would love to have. He was always smiling, very easy-going and very calm. I could just leave him on a play mat and he would play on his own and then fell asleep on the mat when he was tired. When he woke up, he would simply continue to entertain himself on the play-mat. He would drop off to sleep in the evening on his own, no need endless rocking (btw, I had never allow "sarong" in my home). By midnight, I would give him his last feed by sticking the bottle into his mouth while he was still very much asleep and he would finish off his milk without waking up! Don't have to burp him or change his diaper, he would just sleep throughout the night and then wakes up next morning cheery. Having such a baby was even better than winning 4D!

Two years later... what happen now?

I have got this screaming toddler who bounce himself off the bed, the table, the sofa and almost everywhere! He either crawls under the clothes racks or ran off in the opposite direction when I tried to shop. He checks out every electrical appliances whenever he could lay his hands upon. He howls louder than 10 wolves combined when I dish out punishment.

He is now making us pay for being the perfect baby he was - with interests, lots and lots of interests!! God, when is this going to end....

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