Thursday, February 23


THIRTY-SIX! That's how old I am today. Woo Hoo!!

I took a day off on my birthday because I reckon I would be deadbeat after coming back from Japan the day before. And I was right.

Perhaps turning 36 has aged my braincells a little too much. I went out to run some errands this afternoon. I knew exactly what I needed to get - nail polish remover, hair mask and anti-perspirant. So I went to Sasa, then Watsons and lastly Guardian. I came home with two hair masks of different brands, bought from different stores and I hadn't even realised it! Gosh! I think I saw another grey hair.

As I ain't the type of person who loves a big bash on my birthday, we just went out for a cosy dinner at an Italtian restaurant, AMICI at Holland V.

Gluten-free cake was out-of-the-question in most restaurants and shops, so I decided to have a small slice of tiramisu with one little candle on it, so the kids will get the chance to blow out the candle.

Laetitia asked if I was only one year old. Hahaha...

I am 36. A happy and contented 36!

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