Sunday, May 27


I used to camwhore a lot when I was younger (when I wasn't a mom yet). But with the little ones start popping out one by one, I am shooting them more often than having the camera turned on for myself.

It's such a pity that I had lost that insane obsession to take my own pictures, because with the amount of apps available to mobile phones, it is almost impossible to take a bad camwhoring picture, which doesn't even require Photoshop. Just look at the two photo of me below. 

The Original.
Pretty, but... kind of ordinary.

The Enhanced! 
Wow! Dreamily enchanting instantly!

The person that I came across as the King of Camwhoring in the Singapore's blogsphere is...... 
not Xiaxue, although she is good at Photoshop, but this amazing guy - Yutaki James. A young talented man, while waiting for his army enlistment, did such an extensive work on camwhoring.

He recently published his second online photobook, Summer Love, featuring about 300 camwhoring pictures of himself (using tripod, wireless remote and self-timer). Yes, he even he did his own makeup, styling, and editing! Amazing isn't he?!

Yutaki is no model, all the pictures are not taken by any professional photographer, but himself! This is what it takes to be a CAMWHORE KING!! *salute!

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yutakis said...

aww so sweet! thanks for the nice words!


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