Friday, May 11


Yesterday was my joyous day because my BFF delivered her twin baby girls! Motherhood is such a gift, and I am so happy that she is receiving it. 

The word 'motherhood' is synonymous with responsibilities and challenges, it is also the source of satisfaction and happiness that nothing in the world comes close to offer. And apart from all those, it can also be the classroom to some of live's most invaluable lessons.

Lesson #1 - Selflessness
Before I have children of my own. Everything is about ME. How I feel? What I want? Where I want to be? It is almost unbelievable that I went overnight from being the centre of my own universe to assuming the role of the sole provider to this little life. I revolved around my baby, it was as though I had forgotten my own existence. My first lesson taught me to let go of myself so that I could be greater!

Lesson #2 - Responsibility
Children - they NEVER ask to be born. Now that I had given them lives, it is then my duty to respond to them in the most appropriate way. I need not present them with the best toys or the best education in the world, but my responsibility means I must provide them with the love, the care and the wholesomeness of a family, even if it means sacrificing certain things in my own life.

Lesson #3 - The Power of Examples
Children live by what they are taught; some things in life can't be done just by 'talking-the-talk'. Attributes such as kindness, integrity, tolerance, respect, honesty, modesty, patience, persistence, fidelity, commitment, independence, responsibility, friendliness, etc, had to be displayed, to be modelled by the parents. This has forced me to live my life as a better person.

Lesson #4 - Disciplined and Organised
There are just too many surprises laying in the path of parenthood and not all surprises make you go "Yay!" in a good way. Planning, planning, and more planning helps to get the day by with lesser frustrations and make lives so much easier. Routine gives children sense of comfort and certainty, this is their idiosyncrasies - adults don't have to understand. Just get down and do it!

Lesson #5 - Live in the Moment
For children grow up in a haste. They are right here and it is right now, so don't waste your lives over meaningless and petty trivia.

I believe my lessons of motherhood is not over, but the five above had inadvertently led me to happiness, not in them, but within myself. 

Happy Mother's Day to you and to you!

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Happy Mother's Day.


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