Monday, January 7

Lasting Friendship

The best thing borne out of my last horrendous relationship is this beautiful friendship which I shared with this bunch of fun-loving girlfriends.

I got to know this group of girls about twelve years ago when I clubbed with my ex bf at the now dysfunction, Ridley's. At that time, they were partners of the guys in my ex bf's group. Although, many of us had not lasted long enough with those guys, we girls, managed to stay close and be supportive of each other all these years.

And now, many of us have settled down and have family commitments and children; we don't get to meet as often as we should, but when we do meet up, we are sure to have a CRAZILY GREAT time!

I am truly grateful to have this bunch of lovely girlfriends who share my laughters and my tears. Love you, gals! And let's not forget our promises to hold annual gathering, every first Saturday of the year!

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