Sunday, February 24

37 and Awesome!

On the stroke of midnight to my 37th birthday, my daughter surprised me with a burning 39 degree fever, even though she appeared to be well throughout the evening (before I sent her to bed). I was silently grateful that I had decided not to go out for drinks that night. 

The next morning, I was the last person to wake up. I spotted a card on the table beside my bed. It was from Mr Hubby, expressing his birthday wishes for me and previewing my birthday present (the item is not launched yet.). Hahahaha...

As I was coming out of my bedroom, my daughter (who still has fever) sprang out from behind the walls, carrying a small bouquet of flowers on one hand and a card she drew on the other, screaming, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!" It was simply so touching.

I wanted a casual birthday dinner that my kids and I would love, where I get to wear denim shorts and put on no make-up. So we went to Crust at Holland V, where it serves gluten-free pizzas, at a alfresco setting! I was right, my kids love the pizzas and kept telling us how delicious the dinner was.

No pictures of our pizzas because they were too good for us to stop and take photos of them. But we did take some pictures of ourselves while waiting for our food.

After pizzas, we headed next door to NYDC for some desserts. Mr Hubby asked for a candle on my slice of mango cheesecake so I could make a wish. And of course, I wish for nothing but good health for the family. We (the children and I) had been sick a lot since end of last year and I really wish that moving forward, we will be blessed with good health.

It was a simple birthday celebration but it was all that I ever wanted -To be with my family. Simple, sweet and very heart-warming.

37 is neither here nor there. I am not young any more, but definitely not an old woman too. 37 is gotta be awesome, I just knew it! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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98 said...

why do I have to see this after giving up during my ippt run?


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