Tuesday, May 7

Japan Solo - Yokohama

Having spent 4 nights in Narita, it was time for me to pack up those treasured memories and my luggage, and bid Narita goodbye. Thank you for having me, you beautiful little town.

My work was completed. I stored away my make-up, I won't be needing them for the rest of the trip. I will be going au naturel!

I travelled about 100 km from Narita, taking bus and then train, until I finally reached my destination - Yokohama. Along the way, I struggled with my 30 kg luggage through the busy Tokyo Station and even had to climb some stairs with my luggage without help, to reach the platform because I couldn't find the elevator. I never know how strong I am, until I was challenged. Oh gosh! I was pretty mighty, I probably could lift a car!

Yokohama is more beautiful than I'd expected. I actually like it here much better than Tokyo. I took a train down to Minato Mirai 21, the waterfront central of Yokohama.

The gigantic Ferris wheel of Cosmo World, anchored as the prominent landmark in this urban city. It is gorgeous when it lights up at night. I thought it would be so romantic to kiss someone you love in a setting like this. Unfortunately, I was all alone. Too bad!

This place is a great location along the water, even if you aren't so much of a shopping maniac, this place is perfect for a long stroll, admiring the 'habor of the future' (that's what Minato Mirai means).

Oh yes, and there is the quirky Cup Noodles Museum for instant noodles fanatics, located somewhere near the Ferris wheel. Not my cup of noodles tea, but nice to visit if you have children or just simply love Nissin.

The sight and sound of the surrounding must have me hypnotized; I walked on and on for hours without feeling tired. I found myself actually enjoying the city by foot so much that I might as well just find my way and walk back to my hotel instead of taking the train. And I did! I impressed myself for finding my way in a foreign land without any GPS! 

I have come to believe that some times, you needed to get yourself lost, to discover who you truly are. 

Before left for Japan, I had so much angst in me. On the surface, I am a dutiful mother and spouse, but I hated to admit that caring for young children and facing the mandate task on daily basis can leave one feeling repressed and under appreciated. Perhaps, I am just not built to withstand the whining and cries and tantrums and having them pushing my buttons and driving me up the walls.

I desperately needed time away, time for myself. Time for some absence, just for a little while. And then, this trip came along.

Last part of Japan Solo coming up...

In case you missed the earlier part on my trip to Narita, here it is.

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