Wednesday, May 15

Review of Physiogel

My first encounter with the brand Physiogel when I was pregnant with my first child (about 6 years ago). The skin on my ever-growing belly was so stretched and dry, I was told I must apply some lotion in order to prevent stretch marks. So I tried many brands, including expensive ones like Clarins Stretch Marks Control and cheaper ones like Palmers Cocoa Butter, but they left me itching like a monkey with fleas. My gynaecologist suspected that I might have sensitive skin, so she prescribed Physiogel Lotion for me, and it worked like wonders!

So I used Physiogel Lotion during my second pregnancy too because I knew it will work perfect for me, just like the first. Although I still get some stretch marks and loose skin, but at the very least, my skin was well hydrated, it didn't itch and I was absolutely confident that Physiogel is safe to use during pregnancy.

After the births of my children, I stopped buying Physiogel as I thought I didn't need it any longer, until my daughter started showing signs of dry skin and eczema on her limbs when she was four. I tried applying many creams and lotions on her, but didn't see much improvement, so again I turned to Physiogel, and I bought her the Physiogel Cream.

So when Physiogel approached me to do a review for three of their products, Physiogel Cream, Lotion and Cleanser, I was more than willing, since I am already so familiar with the Cream and Lotion. But I knew little about the Cleanser.

Physiogel Cleanser turns out to be a hypoallergenic, soap-free (doesn't lather) cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens, without drying the skin, unlike shower gel or soap. Its non-greasy formula (like a lotion) maintains skin pH balance and is suitable for all skin types, even babies can use it. It can be rinsed off or just tissue off with wipe or cotton wool for delicate skin (like those of the babies).

No bubbles, no lather? Is it clean? That was the question I had as well. So I try it on my own before I use it on my kids. I use a black ink pen and made a scribble on my skin. Then I put some Physiogel Cleanser on my skin, and I massage it in circular motion until the ink disappear then I rinsed it all off. It was clean and clear!

So I have started using Physiogel Cleanser on my kids for about a month now, and Physiogel Cream faithfully on my daughter's dry limbs. Here are the results:

Before and After

The skin on the creases of the back of her knees has improved. The dry, thicken patches of skin on her feet has appeared less red and she has been having lesser complains about the itch on her legs.

Physiogel is so kind to throw in 3 bottles of 300 ml Physiogel Cleansers for 3 lucky readers residing in Singapore. To get a chance to be one of the three lucky winners, you just need to:
1) Share this post on your Facebook page.
2) Take a screen-shot of your sharing on Facebook
3) Lastly, email me that screen-shot, your name and mailing address to

This give-away will end a week from today, on 22nd May 2013, at 12am. Late submissions will not be considered. Winners will be randomly selected and will be contacted by email on the delivery details. I reserved the right to choose the winners, my decision will be final, dispute will not be entertained. Only for readers with valid Singapore addresses only.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review for the products of Physiogel. The above comments are my experiences when reviewing the complimentary products I received.


ganesh said...

That's interesting! Can you please share more about it? Thank you.

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Gina facura said...

from now i try that many times i tried to search about what should i use while pregnant..and now here i found it..thank you for sharing


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