Thursday, August 22

8 Easy Steps to a Tantalizing Tiramisu

Tiramisu has always been one of my favourite dessert. I don't want to just eating it, I want to make it! You should have realized by now, that I am an aspiring domestic goddess!! Perhaps I could be the next Nigella Lawson? Anyway, I had successfully made an ass-kicking tiramisu for my family, so tantalizing, it had completely annihilated my diet plan.

That day I posted a picture of the tiramisu I made on Instagram and FB and had received request to share the recipe, so here it is...

1) 3 Whole eggs
2) Mascarpone cheese - 500g 
3) Vanilla extract - 1 tea spoon
4) Gianduia Chocolate Liquor 1 cup (I am not too crazy over coffee, but you could use espresso and rum like most recipes. It's just my personal preference, plus I happened to have a bottle of chocolate liquor sitting on my shelf. Btw, Baileys Irish Cream makes a good substitute too)
5) Whipping cream - 200ml
6) Unsweetened cocoa powder - 1 and half table spoon (I choose Hershey's cocoa)
7) Italian ladyfingers, not the fresh vegetables ok! - About 1 whole pack (I go with the brand Vicenzovo)
8) 50g white sugar

Step 1) Whisk egg yolk
Separate the 3 whole eggs, egg yolks in one bowl, and whites in another. Whisk the yolks with 25g of sugar in low to medium speed until the mixture become lighter in color and creamy in texture. Add in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and whisk again in low speed until the mixture is pale and slightly thicker. 

Step 2) Fold in the cheese
Add 500g mascarpone cheese to the mixture and fold it in with a whisk or spatula until you get a smooth mixture.

Step 3) Whisk whipping cream
In another mixture bowl, add 200ml of whipping cream whisk in medium speed until the cream become stiff and thick.

Step 4) Whisk egg whites 
Use a clean whisk is very important for whisking the egg whites with 25g of white sugar in low to medium speed until the egg whites become fluffy and stiff.

Step 5) Mix all 3
Fold in the whipping cream back, followed by egg whites to the cheese and egg yolk mixture. Mix all the ingredient well until it resembles a creamy paste.

Step 6) Prepare the ladyfingers
Dip ladyfingers into chocolate liquor, and then lay the ladyfingers at the bottom of deep glass container. (mine is measured 20cm x 19cm x 7cm). After the bottom is laid with a layer of ladyfingers, add half of the creamy mixture. Repeat the process for the second layer.

Step 7) Cool it
Put the glass container in the fridge for at least 6 hours. But personally, I feel the tiramisu will taste much better after 1 day in the fridge.

Step 8) Finish up with cocoa powder
After 6 hours or more, sieve the cocoa powder to the top and your tiramisu is ready!

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