Monday, October 28

Why Family Vacations are Important

We had just returned from our much anticipated family vacation not too long ago. We had been planning this since the beginning of the year!

Family vacation like this never fail to stress me out. Maybe I have too much expectations of myself and my kids. I really should learn to let go and chill out.

I know some parents are reluctant to bring their children along when they go on a vacation. Some couldn't be bothered because they believe that children would not retain the memories of the trip when they grow up. Some just aren't game enough to take up the challenge to bring along their kids.

I love my kids (even though they drive me nuts!) and I want to bring them to see the world! Yes, it's going to be a lot of hassle bringing little children around. We did it and will keep doing it, even if it means that I will have sleepless nights days before the trip and will be more tired than a dog during the trip.

But... look at these.

Don't you think it's just worth all the troubles seeing their precious smiles?

It maybe be true that my kids are not going to remember everything that happened during our trip, but I do. The memories are for me, because they are not going to stay little forever. One day, they will become independent and leave home to form their own families, and then all these pictures and memories will be all I have of them, to keep and hold on forever.

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