Wednesday, January 29

Hello 2014, sorry I am late

I realized that I hadn't been blogging for a while.. ok.. a long while. Let's just say..  I got tired. Many things had happened towards the end of 2013. Don't get me wrong, it was still an awesome year. I got a new role at work, my baby girl was starting formal education, amidst those, there had been death and illnesses.

Then, I had gone away to be on my own for a short time. Away from my kids, my home, my husband, my job. It was my necessary recharge, a time for me to be me, and not just the role I play - a wife, a mother or a salaried employee. A time to sleep and eat at whenever I want, however I want. A time to wake up to peace and quiet, instead of the noise from my alarm clock or the chaos my children create. A time to stay in bed for as long I wanted or to stay out the whole day, knowing I don't have to come back to anyone who is waiting.

Seoul is beautiful, but freezing. I loved my trip, but I was missed my family. After more than 12 days of travelling (5 days in Japan for business), I finally came home. They say, "Resting is for a longer journey." I think they must be right.

Am I ready for 2014? I don't know, what I do know is, the year ahead would be more challenging than the last.

Happy New Year. Happy Lunar New Year. I really mean it, because I, too, need it -  Have a really happy 2014!

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