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Wednesday, May 28

Yummy Mummy

Yummy mommy or hot mama… these are slang for moms who are still physically attractive and with looks of a million dollar babe.

I am inspired to be one, but it’s really quite hard. How to look glam when you got a baby who is drooling all over you, pulls your hair out in chunks, smear her drool-stained pairs of hands all over your face and "eat" your dress/shirt when she is not trying to pull your buttons off.

I am the ‘garang’ type of mommy; so far I had successfully brought Laetitia out shopping, taken her on the public transport, in some horribly filled MRT, went swimming with her, coax her when I brought her for her vaccinations, maneuvered that darn heavy pram of hers up & down the escalators ALL ON MY OWN!

I thought I was such a wonder mom until yesterday evening. I met with my first baby mishap. I was changing Laetitia and she, active as usual, was trying to flip herself over. As she flipped, her neck and left arm were tangled up in her vest. In a moment of panic; I pushed her back, trying to free her snare. In the event, her left arm was caught undernealth her back and she landed herself abruptly on that arm.

I heard a morbid cracking sound, as if a twig had broken, my stomach churned. Laetitia wailed. I imagined her arms broken, my knees went weak. She cried for the longest time. Her fat droplets of tears flowed endlessly, soaking her face, neck and upper body. I felt so terribly sorry for her.
For the rest of the evening, she rejected her left arm and she wouldn’t even lift the fingers of her left arms to rub her eyes or to hold on to her toys. I was dead worried. I couldn’t sleep a wink; I hid in the toilet and sobbed when everyone else was asleep.

This morning, Mr Hubby dropped us off at KK Children’s Hospital before going to the office. After several checks & X-rays, the doctors at KK assured me that not a single bone of Laetitia were broken or fractured, it’s merely a slip of her joints and they had moved it back to position. When she is finally willing to suck the fingers of her left hand, I wanted to cry out loud. But I didn’t; we were on the train and I don’t want to look that crazy. But it was such a great relief.

Many things had happened to me these few weeks; some times I felt that I am incredibly useless, but on the other hand, I am amazed with myself for surviving all these emotional roller-coasters. I may not be a yummy mommy, but I think I can be consider as a dummy-up mommy (a mommy without some or all of its intended functionality).

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