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Thursday, June 12

His perfect bimbo

My Mr Hubby always believe his wife (which is me) is a perfect example of a bimbo. All boobs and no brains!! Just because I am lousy with numbers and has terrible memory doesn’t means I don’t have my forte.

But after I created 2 very powerful presentation slides for him and helped out to facilitate a business discussion with his partners; his original perception of me changed.

Last night, before we went to bed, he told me he was proud of me! I almost couldn’t believe my ears! He had finally recognized that I have some talent afterall. LOL!!

Instead of being very ‘yaya’, I said to him,"Hehe… but you know what? I will always be YOUR bimbo."

He replied with a sense of satisfaction,"Yes, I know. You are my bimbo and ONLY FOR ME alone."

Husbands… they are so easy to please at times. *snigger

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