Thursday, June 5

Singaporean wife really that lousy meh?

"They are divorcing; her husband has other woman."

"Some ‘China Woman’ working in a night club!"

With Singaporean government’s arm wide open to welcome "foreign talents" to work in our tiny island, thousands of young, nubile chinese women flood our community, to escape the poverty from their hometown in mainland China.

Although most of them are here, working a decent job, earning an honest living; many exchanged their souls for quick bucks, working in the sex trade. These aggressive individuals hold unprecedented record for their success in wreaking marriages of the Singaporeans.

They have evolved; they no longer prey on older and senseless retirees, where they had good track record of winning. They have shifted their strategies and diverted their focus onto younger men. Men in their 30s or 40s, those with pent-up frustrations from work, stress of unstable marriages and those who wanted an escape from the pressure of being a husband &/or father, are most vulnerable to the seduction of these younger, prettier opposite sex from China, who blind them with temporary pleasures.

I wanted to know, is it really that good fucking a China whore?

I asked my maid, "Why they so good at snatching people’s husbands huh?"

She answered, "Because it’s their job. Like I need to be good in my job or else I will be sent back. And Philippines no job."

What a clever answer!!

How can the Singaporean wives ever match up? Have you ever look upon your husband as a boss? And serve him so bloody well like you are dependent on him in order to live? I don’t suppose so, especially most Singaporean wives work and are often self-sufficient.

As a working wife or mother, we demand for equality, we demand that husbands respect us, to share the household chores, we shout at them when they don’t. We are not afraid to give them a piece of our mind, we chided, we snarled. When our husbands want sex, we say,"wah lau eh, not tonight lah!"

And if you think that’s not our fucking problem, the fault lies only with the lustful men; then we cannot blame those China sluts who chuckled away on their phone, as they spoke about how lousy we are, to their fellow sisters in China.

"来这多好呀! 男人又蠢. 他们的太太又太没用.我呀三两下就把他把到手了!"

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