Saturday, June 28

My Flu Bug, Her Chemo

I have been having flu for the last 10 days!! I will get a little better and then it will come back with another wham! FUCK THE FUCKING FLU BUG!!

I am desperate to be well, coz I just have so much to do. Work is piling up because I have taken 3 and a half day MCs this month! And there are just so much more waiting for me in July. Workshop, Meetings in K.L., PR Event, Trainings… blah.. blah.. blah.. Arrrghhh!!… Makes me just want to drop everything and hide in my closet forever!!

And the biggest part of the reason for me to be well, is my mom. She is starting her first chemotherapy on the coming Monday. I had taken leave and had offered her my companion. I don’t want to infect her with my flu virus on that day. So I better be fit as a fiddle by tomorrow.

Since I was sick, I had been resting and reading this very thick book. It has the information that I needed about breast cancer and its treatment. It has given me some hope to know that even terminal breast cancer can be treated as a chronic illness and patients do survive for more than a couple of years. And chemo, though is lethal, has been very successful in control cancer. I just hope that my mom is prepared to face it positively.

Lastly, I thank everyone who shared your concerns and kindness. Don’t worry, I am dealing with it well… up until now.

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