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Sunday, August 10

Go Dating

Most couple stop dating after marriage or after having a baby, then when one of them strays, they put the blame on their uninteresting sex life... opss! I mean marriage life.

Making love (not having sex type of making love lah!) last needs the effort from both parties. The husbands have to bring the wives out for romantic night. The wives have to oblige and just drop everything, including your precious baby occasionally and just GO. Let your hair down, bring back the sexy and BE his wife, cast off your motherhood identity, just for one night!

Not too long ago, I was getting ready to sleep, I received a SMS from Mr Hubby, who was out attending a wedding bouquet with his friends. It read. "You wanna go out for a drink? I come and pick you." I was like... hmm... this SMS is for me meh? "Erm... you msg the right person or not? You asking me, your wife out for drinks??" He replied my silliness, "YES, I msg you lah! It's been a while since the 2 of us go for drinks."

And that night, we went to Wala Wala at Holland, the place where we first met and had a great night!


Last Monday, we went dating again. As Laetitia was at her grands' place; Mr Hubby brought me to this new place for Czech beer and dinner. It's somewhere near Villa Bali, but it is not packed and rowdy like Villa Bali. It's excellent for couple who prefer a quiet night, spent chatting with each other.

There isn't a lot of selection for food on the menu, but the food we ordered were quite yummy. Mr Hubby had kebab and I had grilled fish. And if you are here, you must try the Czech, home-brew beers. The dark one tasted a bit like Guinness Stout mix with Kilkenny, while the light one, I would say, tasted very much like Hooegarden. They can also mix both the light and the dark together. We had one light and one dark each. I prefer the light one.

You can see that I look super crappy and ghastly that night, because I was having a runny nose, but nothing will stop me from going out with my hubby on a date. And that's the secret why he love me instead of any other women. Hehehe...


melissa said...

Cin I so envy!!! Cannot even remember when is the last time Edwin and I went on a date liao lor.. :( But recently he asked if I wanna go casino when his mom come and help me during confinement... How lomantic wor.. CASINO?!! I guess its very Edwin and I shldn't hiam liao right?

♡ piku piku ♡ said...

soooooo sweet ne~


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