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Wednesday, August 13

Singaporean & Their Babies

While the Singapore government headache over low birth rate and high numbers of unwed singles, I breathed my sign of relief when my "big auntie" showed up as a bloody stain on my undies. Yes, I am one of the many, who are not keen to have more babies.

With so many articles on the papers, talks on the TV and radio had been going on and on and on about Singaporean not getting hitched and not wanting babies or rather not wanting enough babies to grow our tiny little country, I also want chip in my two cents.

First thing first.

"HELLO!! SGP GOVERNMENT, we are very crowded liao leh. Get the fuck out of your istana and go take the MRT train to have a taste of it first lah!"

Anyway, I am not against having baby. See, what I mean, BABY, not babies. Having one is a joy, 2 or many more, I am just not so sure anymore. Generically, everyone says that women don't want babies because of their work lah, their company/employers are fucking not understanding lah, ultimately they scared to lose their job lah... blah.. blah.. blah..

I was never worried about losing my job when I was pregnant. 3 months maternity leave later, I am back, just as good as before or if not, even better. The key is delegate lah. Plan your leave well. Train/Beg/Bribe people to follow up on your shits, I mean work, while you are away. Have proper backing-up, make sure you clean up your mess before you go. I have worked with people who had been kan na sai one lor and left for maternity irresponsibly, leaving behind a pile of crap for the team-mates only lor. For these people, if the employer decided sacked them, eng kai one mah. I won't be sympathising them lor.

On the contrary, the company I work for is very pro-babies. We are medically covered even for pre-natal visits, we get very substantial amount of subsidy for childbirth, flexi-working, free diapers that lasted me for 6 months, fridge is also available for breastfeeding moms to store their milk. However, I am still pulling the brake at just one. Because I can be working in very pro-babies company, but the fact is I AM STILL A WORKING MOM! The time I get to spend with one baby is already very short, if I have 2, then my time for them is split by half, if I have 3... you do the math lah.

The whole point is I am not arguing if I should and shouldn't be a babies producing machine, I am arguing for the fact that saga DON'T STOP once the baby is born or turn 1 yr old!! Babies are not poultry or vegetable that will just grow by themselves and can be harvested when they are ripe! Babies need to be nurture, stimulated, educated and so much more, if not don't expect them to grow up being able person that can contribute back to the society. Yes, they probably still contribute, if garbage and carbon dioxide count!

And don't even expect the maids or grandparents or childcare centre to nurture brilliant minds, their competencies only extend to look after the babies' general well-being. Be realistic lah!

Bottomline is, if I want to have more kids, I want to be able to stay at home and be a full-time mother. And for me to be a SHM, I will regard that as my career and some bugger better PAY ME a salary as much as I am getting currently, or if not, MORE than I am drawing, because SHM works longer hours ok. That's not all, SHM, is a mother not a 'Maria" so don't expect me to do domestic chores hor!

So SGP GOVERNMENT are you ready for us to give you more babies??

As for the unwed, unattached, unwanted... opss! I mean under-appreciated, I will cover them the next time.

Meanwhile, I AM SO LOVING MY BABY, even though she refuses to play with her own toy lappy and insist to take over mine!! When I stop her, she melts me her sad-puppy-looking expression.

Ok, I gotta go, my little monster is screaming for attention! All that for just ONE baby only. See who dare to have more!


melissa said...

Awww... I love those eyes, eyebrows, chubby cheeks and everything about her.. so darling lor... let her play with ur laptop lah...

cciinnddyy said...

Alamak! U r the "everything also can as long as you r cute" type of mommy ar??

shanewei said...

Your angel is so adorable!!! love the eyes and cheeks!!


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