Friday, August 29

Mascara Makes My Eye Pain!

I used to use Missha's Mascara which was cheap and good, then they discontinued it and replaced with another one. It was supposed to be better, but it didn't live up to my expectation. And the new version dried up so fucking fast! Tu lan lor!

So I had to hunt for another brand of mascara, because I simply can't live without mascara. I can don't put on any foundation, blusher nor lipstick but I die die need liners & mascara. Coz my eyes simply don't exist without the help of liners and mascara!! So I moved to Fiber-wig. When I was in Japan, few years back, Fiber-wig was big over there. So if it was Japan's best-selling mascara, it gotta be good right?


I don't know why, but my right eye became really irritated and turn red and itchy after putting the mascara on. Especially the part closer to the tear duct of the eye. I tried a few times and kena a few times liao lor. See my picture below.

Can't see? I will enlarge the picture, you blind cows!

My only hope lies in the RMK W Mascara. I used to use it and adored it like crazy, when RMK first came to Singapore, then it withdrew probably due to weak marketing & poor business.

This little piece of shit is damn good, but not cheap lor. I remembered it used to be costing around $59 or so!! And I need one EVERY MONTH!! Sibei xiong lor!!

Eh!! Who got lobang for RMK? Kai seow leh!

Or perhaps LUXASIA, the distributor of RMK, can consider paying me to do up an advertorial in my blog for the mascara? Hehehe...

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