Thursday, August 28

Road accident and more

It was pouring heavily this morning and Mr Hubby was not going the same way as I was, hence I had to take a cab to the office.

While the cab was travelling on the expressway, there was a fucking car in front of us which suddenly E-brake, forcing my cab driver to step on his brakes too. Seconds later, the car behind us screeched and skidded. And the next moment, it crashed right into us!

Everything happened so quickly, when I regained my posture, I thought to myself, "WTF! Last night, I just blogged about leaving the world in a haste, and today I fucking kena an accident! Wu ka jui eh boh!"

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the process, except for the "backside" of the taxi and the front of the passenger car were dented, everything was well. The cab-driver snapped some photo as "evidence" and exchanged contact no. with the lady bumper, I mean, driver. No drama mama at all. Maybe the cab-driver already got use to getting hit.

When the cab resumed the journey, I suddenly developed a headache. "Xiao liao! Is it concussion?!" I thought to myself. But the head soon eased up after I indulged in a shopping spree, during my lunch-time. Hehehe... Retail therapy! It just works!

I bought a whole load of stuff, 1 set of PJ suit, 2 pairs of long pants to sleep in, for Laetitia. 3 panties, 1 bra, 1 pair of shorts - Everything added up to be under $50! Can you believe I can buy so many things in Orchard Rd with so little money!!

WOO!! HOO!! Because I am a cheap thrill, shopping queen!!

And one more thing, I called up Mr Hubby in the afternoon and told him, how much I love him! Coz I remembered I hadn't been telling him that for the past few days. If the accident in the morning was fatal, I probably died of regrets not letting him know that I love him!

Choy! Choy! Choy!

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♡ piku piku ♡ said...

cindy.. *hugs*

glad that u're ok...


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