Thursday, September 11

Be Empowered


Quite a few years back, I said it before on national TV (when I was doing a recording for a documentary show about people in the line of beauty) that I am terrified of getting OLD!

Well, that was all before turning 30.

Now at 32, I wish I could take back what I had said.

There is nothing to fear about ageing. The ever-increasing number of the birthday candles on my cake does not represent the number of lines that I am getting. Instead it is my empowerment to face my future with great hope, aspirations and the right attitude towards living!

Carina Lau said it in the TV commercial, "Age is just a number..."

Well, my number is slightly different. My 30s is the new 20s! And I have confidence that even in my future, my 40s will be the new 20s!!

Don't believe me for it. Come see me, in flesh and blood.

Marriott Hotel, Sat, 20 Sept 08
(Details below)

You can call 6745 4125 for registration or just to find out more.

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