Saturday, September 13

Our Seafood Galore Dinner!

This morning, Mr Hubby and I woke up early to bring Laetitia to see her specialist because her lymph nodes were swollen and we were quite concern with it. But it turned out to be just some post-viral infection thingy and it wasn't serious at all.

So it calls for a need to celebrate; let's feast! We went supermarketing. Instead of going to our usual Sheng Siong at Ten Mile Junction or NTUC at Lot 1, we drove to the more "atas" version of NTUC, Fair Price Finest at Bt Timah Plaza.

I know it is hard to believe, but I know how to kill, wash, prepare and cook crabs. Mr Hubby had always doubted this unique capability of mine. So today, he decided it was time to test my skill. He bought 2 Sri Lankan crabs for me to show off my talents; and boy, the crabs were HUGE!

This fella weighed about 800g! The other one was a bit lighter.

Laetitia seemed to be mesmerised by the size of the crab too. She actually stretched out her hands and wanted to grab the plastic bag with the crab in it! This girl is super daring!

We LOVE eating oyster, especially raw oysters! And at Fair Price Finest, they actually sell them. At $1.95 each; we bought half a dozen and a knife that was specially meant to open them.

Laetitia was curious with everything surrounding her. She wanted to touch and feel all the stuff that we were buying; in the end Mr Hubby let her hold a lemon, and she was quite pleased with it.

After spending $145 on food and other groceries, we happily load all the bags onto the car and headed back home. Laetitia had a great time, she always enjoy going marketing with us. We also make it a point to bring her along so that she can be exposed to more things.

This was the last time, they were seen alive, frolicking in the shallow water.

Moments later, they were murdered! Yes, I stabbed them to death!

After which I bathed their corpses and chopped them up.

And then I turned them into SUPER DELICIOUS Black Pepper Crab and SIBEI TA GOK Chili Crab! Mr Hubby helped by shucking those oyster and cutting the lemons

The oysters were simply heavenly!!! So fresh and juicy!! It's almost orgasmic slurping them!! I regretted only buying half a dozen. Next time, I want to buy 2 dozens!!

Tell me, where can you find a wife who is gorgeous, humorous, understanding, know how to whip up yummy food and is also good in.... ahem... you know lah!?

Wah Bianz!

If I am not A SUPER-WIFE, who is?!

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