Thursday, September 18

Going "kai kai" with Baby

Bringing your baby out by yourself can be extremely fun and need not be a chore. It really can be as easy as a breeze!

Always ensure that your baby had enough sleep the night before going out and feeding him/her just before going out will cut down on the extra weight of water and milk bottle that you need to bring along.

Here are some of the necessities to be packed:
-Thermos Flask with hot water
-Milk Bottle with some cool boiled water
-Milk Powder Container with different compartment for some milk powder (if you don't breastfeed) & dried snack
-Diapers (2-3) and Baby Wet Wipes (the handy type with 20 sheets)
-A toy or anything that your baby like
-Pacifier (if your baby rely on it)

You can also pack stuff that are optional (but I don't usually bring them):

-An extra set of clothes for your baby in case he/she stained their clothes
-Baby Bib
-Baby utensils

I bought this "pig" hand-puppet from DAISO for only $2 and it's really helps when it comes to providing entertainment for my baby, especially on boring train rides or waiting for bus.

I don't have a REAL diaper bag, I would just use my normal bag and because I don't bring a lot of unnecessary stuff, they all fit into the bag quite nicely and I even have space for my own wallet, phone and keys.

Instead of pushing a pram and having all the trouble to open and close the pram, let alone carrying it up and down the stairs, I opt for a baby-sling. I am going to be honest, it bloody hard to use initially but after many practices, you will get quite used to it. And I appreciate the fact that my baby can drop off to sleep quite soundly in it. But still I wouldn't give it 100 points because the sling tends to slide off and needs constant adjustments.

When the unexpected happens...

1) If your baby had finish all the food/milk and is still crying loudly because he/she is hungry. Buy a piece of fruit or bread and break it into small piece and feed he/her with it. That usually shut them up.

2) If you run out of hot water to make milk, go to McDonald's, order a drink for yourself and ask them for a cup of hot water.

3) If your baby pour water on himself/herself accidentally and you didn't bring extra set of clothes, take off the wet clothes immediately, squeeze out as much water as possible. Head to a toilet with hand-dryer, blow dry it there.

4) If your baby screams non-stop in the public, put a piece of snack into his/her mouth. And if that didn't stop him/her, just smile at the annoyed faces that stares back at the both of you.

When all else failed, speed-dial the number to call for a taxi and head home immediately! LOL!

For me, I guess the key thing to deal with the awkwardness that your baby can bring you, is to tell yourself that you are blessed to have a baby who is healthy enough to create troubles for you, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the torture your baby brings!

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