Saturday, September 20

We saved $773!?

I was looking for a blender to buy for the longest time. I needed one to make Laetitia's baby food. I shopped around and had seen blender costing from as little as $16.90 at Carrefour to one Kenwood brand from BEST Denki that cost over $200!

I can't make up my mind which one to buy because I had never bought or used a blender before, all my life. I AM AS CLUELESS AS CAN BE.

So I engage the help of Mr Hubby for the selection. We went to BEST Denki at Plaza Singapura. After looking at several designs and various brands of blenders, he chose this one from Philips.

I asked him why this is one.

He said,"This one usual price is $849!! Now only $76. So very worth it!"

Tell me.... Is he too smart or am I too stupid? ~_~''

Well, anyhow we bought that blender and it been working fine for us.

1 comment:

Chantel said...

hahaha... I usually eye those on sale too!


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