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Tuesday, September 23

Work Life Balance...

... is absolute bull-crap!

I worked from home today; but today is not the same like those days when I have a maid. Today, I am THE BLOODY MAID!

My day started with me having to grab the phone with my ear and shoulder while I bounce my baby to sleep as she suddenly decided to get cranky during my tel-con!

My lunch was Campbell soup, I drank it directly from the pot in the kitchen, while the damn pot was still on the stove! Oh, did I forgot to mention that I was also feeding Laetitia at the same time! Yes, I multi-task, as always!!

This baby of mine had food on her clothes, face, hands, feet and even her hair. See how slick her hair had become after she styled it with broccoli & potato puree!

I only got the chance to shower at 6.30pm after Mr Hubby returned home, surprisingly early. Don't ask me to cook dinner, I swear I will throw my chopper at you. Mr Hubby brought us out to eat.

After sending Laetitia to my parents-in-law's place for the next few days, I returned home only to face my pile of unfinished work. At 12am, Mr Hubby went to bed without me, I was still checking the slides that I had rushed to complete for tomorrow.

Oh shit! I forgot to get my Christmas Tree and deco out from my store room, I need them for training in the office. I hate to go dig for something so late at night. Wah lau eh!!

Finally, I am quite done for the day. It is now 1.35am!

And this is just DAY 1, there are at least another 13 more days to go...


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