Saturday, September 27

Losing Sleep

I am a hardcore insomniac. I can't seem to be sleeping well no matter how hard I try. And it isn't my baby who is keeping me awake at night; I am lucky to have Laetitia who usually sleep thru the night without waking up. Ya, God bless me, I know.

Last night, Mr Hubby went to bed leaving me struggling alone to remove my makeup and at the same time keeping a watchful eye on my forever hyper Laetitia. I had only closed my eyes up for a minute to remove my mascara, the next moment when I turned around to look at her, she had the bathroom slipper in her hands, almost sending it into her mouth!

I managed to get my little rascal to bed at 1am, I was pretty much burnt out by then. At 5am, somebody stirred in bed (either Mr Hubby or Laetitia), I woke up, fed Laetitia some water and tried to get back to sleep. Damn! All of a sudden, I became wide awake!

I tossed and turned in bed, until I finally gave up. My every attempt to return to dreamland failed tragically.


Why am I losing sleep?

Perhaps I am way too stressed out as my stupid maid hadn't call me and by now, I am quite convinced that she had fucking "tuwah me to holan" and decided not to come back. KNNB!!



melissa said...

My dear ah cin, hang in there!!! KNN to that maid! I was telling Edwin the other day abt ur maid returning back to handle her family matters, straight away he said, then ur maid is not going to come back. I was still thinking, won't lah... Ah cin said her maid is not bad one... :(

♡ piku piku ♡ said...

hey cindy,

try getting a Lavender pillow mist from Bath & Body Works from States. It helps! :)


CcIiNnDdYy said...

Wah lau, Edwin is zui siah!


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