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Saturday, October 25

Family Portrait

Went to Mr Hubby's friend's studio to get Laetitia's passport-size photo taken and we actually got more than what we went for.

After his photographer friend was done with taking Laetitia's picture. He asked the 2 of us to get in the set as well for a complimentary family portrait.

But... but... but... I wasn't prepared to be photographed. I was NAKED!.... I mean my face was bare, makeup-less!

His friend kept saying it was okay, I don't look that scary without powder... blah.. blah..

"You can photoshop in anything you want later!" he claimed.

"Oh okay.." I thought might as well since it is FREE!!!

So 'CLICHED!' 'CLICHED!' ... in 10 seconds, it was done - our first studio taken family portrait.

I like this photo best!

Hey! Wait a minute, I don't have Adobe CS3 so how do I edit my photo?



1 comment:

melissa said...

Actually Cin u look good without makeup too... Its another kind of simple beauty lor... I like leh. I think I would look worse lor, alot alot hideous then u.


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