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Tuesday, September 30

Never Trust The Crap Your Maid Says

She was rejected by her first Singaporean employer, I gave her another shot of chance to work in Singapore. I let her have the luxury to watch TV after she finished her chores. She ate what we eat. We bought her presents during Christmas, gave her ang bao when it was CNY and celebrated her birthday by surprising her with a birthday cake!

She told me two Thur night ago that she wanted to go back to Philippines because of urgent family matters; her sis wants to sell away her house, she needs to go back to stop her. She wanted to quit immediately and fly back on Sat! I gave her home-leave after she expressed that she wanted to come back and work for me after she settled with her problem at home.

I told her, she can go for 2 weeks but if she wasn't serious about coming back then she should be honest and tell me about it and not let me wait for her. She assured me times and again that she will come back. She promised to call me as soon as she reach Philippines. Mr Hubby was even willing to pay for her air-ticket to fly back to Singapore if she come back to work for us.

She borrowed one of my travel bag and packed the mobile phone that my MIL lend her and some clothes, she told me she wasn't going to bring everything with her because she will be back.

I waited 8 fucking days for her call. She never call.
I had a very bad feeling about it.

On the 8th day, I opened her cupboard only to realize that those clothes she left behind were merely her PJs and some old clothes that we gave her. The newer clothes we bought for her, the bags and belt that I gave her were GONE! Only much later, I learnt from my MIL that she took another mobile phone that belongs to Mr Hubby, but she didn't return us the first one that my MIL lend her. WTF!!

NBCB!! She has no fucking intention to ever come back! Then don't fucking lie to me and waste my time. On the 9th day, I went to the maid agency, cancelled her work permit and got myself a replacement maid.

Karein Pagaguan De Vera, if you even get a chance to read this. SCREW YOU!!
Who the fuck do you think you are?! Like what I had told you before, NOBODY in the world is indispensable or irreplaceable. Especially in my explicit world!

KNN, make me sibei boh eng, stressed up and cannot sleep well at night.

Luckily, I am only a bit pale but overall 我还是美的 lor!! Or else I will go to Philippines and burn down your fucking house, De Vera!

Maybe, there really are certain type of human that just ain't worth treating them with integrity and respect in the first place! I must say, I am so fucking disappointed.

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melissa said...

I'm glad all problem solved... BIG SMILE :) and yesss.. KNNB to that ex maid!


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