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Thursday, October 30

Spending Quality Time

Had taken my replacement off last Fri and AL this Tue & Wed, and Mr Hubby also had taken AL during the same period. So in and all, we had a total of 5 full days to spend quality time together as a family, or so I thought.

Then the weekend past; we didn't do much. Mr Hubby had an overnight MJ session with his friends. And we went shopping for home improvement stuff. Bought a pedestal for Mr Hubby's mini fountain and a dehumidifier for Laetitia's room.

Her room is facing the swimming pool hence the humidity is causing the room to become mouldy easily. Even that 'Hippo' thing didn't quite work, her clothes would feel damp & smell funny. Hope this gadget will work. Opss, did I get carried away?? :P

Anyway came Deepavali, also can't remember we did anything significant except for having dinner with IL and visiting my aunts. But heck, we still have Tue & Wed right?

Tue & Wed slipped by.... with Mr Hubby having to return to office for important meetings. Both FULL days!


Would we get to see even LESSER of him when he starts his regional position in Dec?

Well, at least Laetitia and I have some pretty good "Baby+Mommy" time together. She loves playing with water so much that she wouldn't miss any chance to touch them even though we just happen to be passing by the pool on our way to go home.

Luckily Mr Hubby marries me lor. I am independent, understanding and NEVER make a fuss about him having to work late or to work even when he is supposed to be on leave. And I am even supportive of him going regional.


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