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Wednesday, October 29

Toothache & Teething!

Last night, I experienced a sudden pain which erupted from my right molar and it shot right through to my brain.

FUCK!! It hurts like hell!!

Mr Hubby advised me to go see a dentist. I told him, " I would choose to have a surgery over seeing a dentist, anytime!

I have a morbid phobia for dentist. I freaked out even if it was to have the dentist look into my mouth. That's how bad it is.

Today, I rely solely on my left jaw for eating because each time I try to chew with my right, the pain would be unbearable. I think going to the dentist is just a matter of time already lah.

Sibei scared lor! *_*

If you are wondering why Laetitia looked more pissed than her mommy who is suffering from a horrible toothache; she is having her own set of tooth-related issue.

She is teething again!

Oh man! She is grouchy like hell!

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