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Monday, December 22

Farewell Uno

You came into my life and became my friend when I was that lonely person with no sense of identity.

The walks that we had shared will always be my cherished memories.

You had always been such a good host to my friends. I am sure some of them will miss you deeply too.

You were stronger than I had expected when I saw how you managed to overcome that accident that gave you 2 titanium pins permanently implanted in your body. You refused to be crippled and you never were.

You had battled a weaken heart, a failing liver and damaged kidneys; and yet, you stayed on so that I can say my last goodbye.


In loving memory of our dearest and most loving member of our family.
Uno of the Cheong Family
Born: 10th Oct 1995 ...... Departed: 22nd Dec 2008

Thank you for all the love that you had given us. You will forever be remembered by Aunt G. Quean, G. Keng, G. Lee and me.

1 comment:

Saffron said...

Dear Uno, I will always remember you as Cindy's Dog who behave like a human but have a card name.
You have been a good dog and will be missed and loved by your family..


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