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Sunday, December 28

Motherhood Changes

20 things that changed after motherhood hit me

1. I no longer keep long nails. Manicure? Not a chance.

2. I find watching Laetitia sleeps more interesting than my fav TV shows.

3. I became obsessed with repelling mosquitoes.

4. I would no longer go out and drown my sorrows with booze as and when I like because I need to stay sober for Laetitia.

5. I discover that I might be stronger than Hercules. I could carry Laetitia (10kg) + diaper bag (more than 2kg) and yet shop for hours. And I finally have an exercise regimen. I do "weight-training", 10kg or more, at least 4 days a week, not lesser than 20 mins per sessions. Sometimes, multiple sessions in a day!

6. I have the ability to remain calm when I am being screamed, shouted and hollered at by my tantrum throwing Laetitia yet instead of yelling back, I say, "Mama loves you."

7. I no longer shun people who only talks about babies, but I am finding so much difficulties talking to the singles, especially when the sex is male.

8. I empathise parents with a sick and screaming baby instead of wanting to murder them like before.

9. My taste of song has changed from rock & alternative to classical and lullabies. My top song is "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"; I sing it more than any songs in my life! Try 10x per night!

10. I realised that it is possible to give thousands of kisses and not expecting any in return.

11. My censorship for vulgarity had tighten. I do not "fuck" at people in front of Laetitia.

12. I finally understand why some people would give up their dogs for babies.

13. I would not engage in anything potentially dangerous like bungee-jumping or diving, because I want to live long enough to watch Laetitia grows up.

14. DVDs means watching that same Baby Genius disc for the 101th time with Laetitia.

15. My cell phone has so much more photo of Laetitia instead of myself.

16. I don't mind the sun anymore when swimming is the only thing Laetitia wants to do.

17. I order food that she can eat instead of what I would normally like to eat.

18. I spent most of my time in the children dept when I am at the mall.

19. I am proud of being a mother.

20. I think I finally know what unconditional love is all about.

"She can be such a horrible tyrant at times but when she falls asleep, she turns into the most angelic, sweet innocent little thing." ..... Says almost all parents

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Christine ゆき said...

that's so inspiring and touching:)


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