Friday, January 9


This was me, with very long, sexy, loose curls. I like my hair in that way; it made me feel really vixenish yet girlish!

With hair like this, made me almost wanted to sing out loud:

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me"

"Don't cha Don't cha....."

And like most 'hiao' women, I wanted a new look for CNY, so I walked into Monsoon Hair House at Novena Square, one evening when Mr Hubby was stuck in his office with work.

I didn't really know what I wanted, but I do know that my hair was in a bad shape. And I am not going to do my CNY visiting with hair looking like some dried hay. So I asked for the stylist's suggestion and he recommended that I cut off the damaged hair and adopt a new look, instead of trying to re-perm them which might cause the hair to be more brittle.

I pondered for quite a while, before giving in. I had to chop off more than 15cm of my hair which is beyond redemption. And to achieve a new look, I had my curls straightened and my fringe trimmed to a new length.

The final product was straight, black hair at shoulder length, with wispy bangs

Now I look from deviant to studious, but no where near foxy anymore.

Guess, Pussy Cat Dolls won't work for me anymore, I think I need a new song.


elliot said...

nicer leh! i like! looks younger, more chio too!

mel said...

the above comment is from ah mel not elliot :P

Laetitia said...

I thought Elliot so young already has a good taste on women liao. LOL!!

Mommy of Laetitia


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