Monday, January 19

I am single again!

Yes, that's what I am... at least for the next 4 days. With Laetitia at my in-law's place and Mr Hubby away on business trip, I am a swinging bachelorette , for the moment!

So today, I took my own sweet time to do my work because I am so gonna stay back late in the office anyway. When I got home, I ate junks and drank beers for dinner. I lazed around everywhere; the best thing was I don't have to remove my makeup or shower before collapses on my bed. With nobody for me to coax to sleep, I can surf net, watch TV or do whatever I fancy. And boy, am I living the life I had when I was single and staying alone at my own apartment, some couple of years back.

Then strangely, just as I thought I would be enjoying myself, a sense of emptiness engulfed me as I past by the vacant study room and nursery. It quickly dawned upon me that I AM ALL ALONE BY MYSELF WITH NO ONE HERE FOR ME TO LOVE OR CUDDLE!

I am actually missing the frantic madness of being a working mom and wife to Laetitia and Mr Hubby! It's agonising to know that today is only the beginning of my freaking solitary.

Oh fuck! Is there anyone who wants to date me??

1 comment:

mel said...

Don't be silly, enjoy ur freedom while it last! I was "drooling" lor when I read how u r able to enjoy ur day without having to care abt anything.. I really miss those days where I can do all those u mentioned... when can I ever have the chance to enjoy my day??? :(


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