Wednesday, January 21


As much as I wanted tomorrow to come quickly, I am also feeling dreadful about tomorrow. Why the dilemma, you might ask.

Tomorrow is the day when my Laetitia is coming home. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and kiss her! I miss my baby so much!

Tomorrow will also be the day when I have to accompany my mom to meet her oncologist. She wants me to be there to explain to her about her condition because she felt that my brother had conspired with her doctor and omitted details of her condition. And she knew that she can count on me to tell the truth because I am usually very blunt.

On one hand, I really believe that she has every right to know about her own cancer. But I am unsure if she can deal with the truth. Of course the easy way out is to lie about her condition by telling her that she don't have to worry a thing about it.

I don't feel good lying to someone who has her days numbered. But how to say it to her face when her oncologist says that she has 5 more years, at max? If she knew that she only has this much time left, her pessimism is enough to kill her faster than her own cancer cells.

Truth or lie?

Well, tomorrow we will know.

1 comment:

mel said...

Really hope everything will be fine tmr, aunty and ah cin jiayou!


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